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Peace Bliss Vegetarian Cuisine

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Our Offerings.

Breakfast [ 10A.M - 10P.M due to high demand ]

From scrumptious local favourites such as various Roti's and Nasi Lemak, to Premium Sandwiches. Made with top ingredients and detailed perfection, our breakfast meals is said to be one of the best in Bangsar.

                                             Favorites - Murtabak, Masala Thosai, 

                                             Roti Veggie, Roti Cheese, Sadwiches.

Lunch [ 12 Noon - 2.00 P.M ]

Set meals from Local favorites, to Sri Lankan and Thai meals. We have if not the best, one of the best price tag on great tasting food in Bangsar.

Favorites - South Indian Set, Nasi Kandar Set, Green Curry Set, Veg. Ayam Masak Merah Set, and Veg. Dry Chilli Chicken Set

Ala Carte [ 10A.M - 10.30 P.M ]

An array of international cuisine consisting of various vegetarian dishes many not know of. Grab a bite of our Veg.Chicken Cop, Tortillas, Veg.Curry Mee, Veg.Satay, Veg. Fish and Chips and many many more.

                                             Favorites - Veg. Black Pepper Steak, Pasta, Veg. Burger,  

                                             Veg. Satay, Veg. Sweet and Sour, Veg. Grilled Shrimp, 

                                             Veg. Grilled Tofu.

Beverages and Desserts

We specialize in 100% Fresh Juices and great tasting tea's and Lassis. Drinks can be custom made according to your preferences. 

Favorites - Fresh Juices, Masala Tea, Fresh Milk BRU Coffee, Mango Lassi.


With our extensive menu comes the special 6 and 4 course meals at a promotional rate [promotion ends October 31st 2012]. Feel free to choose from our Veg. Indian Sets, Veg. Chinese Sets, Veg. Malay Sets, Veg.Thai Sets, Veg. Fusion Sets and the privalege to customise the course items to suite your taste buds. 


Looking for great ambiance and good food to treat your loved ones on a special day?

Here in Peace Bliss, we cater to your needs and will make sure your dining experience is unforgettable. Call us to make reservations.


Cooking is done as soon as your order goes to the kitchen. Expect fresh foods and no pre-cooked dishes. 

We cater to onion and garlic free dishes, vegan dishes, lacto-vegan dishes. 

Popular request - Onion garlic free, Spice level, Salt level. 


We have teamed up with Food Panda to provide you with excellent delivery service yo your doorstep.


Shop while you dine.

For fashion and art lovers, we have some amazing collection for you to view and purchase. 

Custom made, Pre made, and reasonably priced.

We host events and provide catering services as well. Contact us as soon as possible for the best deals.